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Meet Michael Hulings

-John C. McGinley, star of stage and screen (Scrubs,Platoon,Wall Street,42,Glengarry Glen Ross, and many more) and noted advocate for individuals who have Down syndrome, serving as Ambassador for both Special Olympics and the National Down Syndrome Society, Board member of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, and one of the original creators of the Spread the Word to End the Word National Campaign.

"Life With a Superhero is a welcome and necessary book about raising a child who has Down Syndrome. With a huge heart, this book explores the Hulings family's experiences as their son and sibling, Michael, grows into young adulthood - the same stage of life my son Max, who also has Down syndrome, is entering. In each chapter, Hulings establishes that unlimited joy and life-affirming moments will continue to unfold in wonderful, unexpected ways for families who already celebrate existence with a person who has special needs- or need assurance that such a thing is possible."​

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